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John-Paul Bertsch B.Eng , Service Technician.

John-Paul Bertsch ( JP ) has over 30 years of experience in the audio electronics field.  Augmented by his engineering degree and electronics technology diploma, his diverse audio experience includes; electronics repair, custom electronics circuit design, audio dsp programming, and sound engineering. 

John-Paul or JP is now heading our repair and special project department. 

So, feel free to contact us today for any and all repairs to your beloved HiFi gear. You will be rewarded by top-notch professional care and attention to detail.

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What Buyers Are Saying

Great seller. Personable, knowledgeable and accommodating.
I was going one way with my plans, Perry guided me down a slightly different path that I much appreciated. He did not try to up sell me on anything, I’m fact, talked me into spending less than I thought I was going to.
Met me in person on a day off to ensure I was satisfied.

Thank you very much for such a positive experience.


Perry has a great vision and is living it impeccably. With Perry, you're not buying from a company, a distributor, or a vendor. You're less like a customer or a client and more like that great friend or Uncle you get together with to share your latest music revelations. But who has the amazing component knowledge, system experience, and wisdom to help you take those next steps with your audio system. Unlike most other 'vendors' with whom I've spent great sums of money, Perry hasn't treated my purchases like a commodity. I've been amazed at the time and genuine interest he has offered me. And his help has been so very beneficial. I've purchased two (2) items from Perry (with 2 more in the pipeline) and both components were perfectly aligned with my audio aspirations and represented great sound quality improvement and crazy reasonable pricing. Part of Perry's vision is to purchase intelligently, based on sound quality and not just the highest price, popularity contest component. Based on my experience, Perry is quite the success with his vision.

While Perry is great with the component and system scoping and selection, he also excels with his pricing, zero upgrade, and return policy. Perry's pricing has been superlative. His zero upgrade and return policy provide another level of confidence for you and me spending hard earned monies.

For both the experienced, ear honed audiophile looking for a single component or the less experienced audio lover venturing into the somewhat unknown (and ascendingly expensive) realm of hope, hype, opinions, options, specifications, Perry is there to help. I cant recommend Perry enough. You cant go wrong.


I started off looking for a way to connect my DAC to ROON and stumbled across the Sonare Products and the Canadian distributor HifiShop Direct. I contacted Perry for availability and information on the unit and he was very knowledgeable. Perry also steered me towards a good matching linear power supply needed to make the UltraRendu perform at its best. After conversing with Perry back and forth on logistics I mentioned my desire to upgrade my turntable. Based on our conversations, Perry provided some attractive options and I eventually settled on an Acoustic Solid TT paired with the Dynavector DV20XXL MC cartridge.

I could not be happier with my purchases. Both the digital and analogue portions of my system are substantially improved. There were a couple of delivery hiccups along the way due to pandemic and supplier issues, but Perry made sure that I was taken care of and provided some nice alternatives/upgrades along the way that really made it worth my while for the minor inconvenience of the delays.

Overall, I am very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Perry and HifiShop Direct.

Kevin H

Great dealer! Answered all questions. Fast shipping. I highly recommend and will buy from Perry again!


If you want someone who will just give you the stock answers with increasing prices, then you can go anywhere. If you want someone who will give solid, trustworthy advice, then Perry is the guy to go to. A+ absolutely. 

Fencing Fan