From: George Wiehahn

One day I phoned Perry Pecker who’s associated with the Audio Gallery in Kelowna and lamented my fate to him. Now, Perry is one of those individuals who knows that life is about having real contact with people. He also takes the time to listen with interest. When you mix this attribute with true knowledge of the audio industry you have a recipe to receive trustworthy, expert advice. In the end-using audiophile’s world this is a resource worth having on speed dial (I’m old-school, so I memorized the number).
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From: ricardoosusa in Jul 10, 2019

Great seller, excellent experience. 

QUICK SILVER HVA1 Reference Headphone tubed Headphone amp NEW and amazing made in USA for only 1395
From: BobG in May 29, 2019

I bought a Violectric HPA V281 from Perry, the sales representative for HiFi Shop Direct located in Vernon, BC. I opted for a demo V281 and the price was fair. Perry answered my questions and got back to me either by phone or email. I'm quite satisfied with the transaction & Perry did all he could to make it happen. I personally recommend doing business with Perry and HiFi Shop Direct. 

Amphion Argon 1 white Mint condition out with old and in with new sale take advantage today
From: Fencing fan in May 23, 2019

This is my third transaction with Perry. As others have said, Per gives honest, candid advice and will absolutely work to help customers get the best products for their ears, their room and their budget. I've never felt pressured to 'buy up' the chain; in fact, Per will often advise on how and where to spend less. As well, he is one of the few dealers who is interested in finding new or smaller companies that make outstanding products that are not carried in many retail stores. 

Trusting his advice on the Amphions was well rewarded; they are wonderful speakers. He also introduced me to WyWires power cables. As promised, the Platinum HC cable is astonishing. 

If you want someone who will just give you the stock answers with increasing prices, then you can go anywhere. If you want someone who will give solid, trustworthy advice, then Perry is the guy to go to. A+ absolutely. 

Marantz SR6011 in MINT condition at 979.00 its a steal of a deal
From: denchar in May 15, 2019

great seller, nice person to deal with. Will continue to deal with Perry!! Top Notch 

Legacy Audio Signature 3 in Rosewood Excellent speakers Excellent shape Excellent price
From: Ed Evans in May 13, 2019

I purchased a pair of Legacy speakers from Perry. Before I bought them he took the time to explain why my other speakers were not performing the way I wanted ( i am a listener not at all technical ) and gave me great advice on upgrades. The speakers sound great! You don't find people out there that take an interest in all your equipment and listen to your needs and offer great advice and service. Perry does this.

I will be purchasing all my equipment from him going forward. 

Zero Gravity MAG LEV levitating turntables now becoming available in Canada and USA
From: Record_Spinner in Apr 20, 2019

I cannot say enough about this amazing turntable :) WOW is a good start. Also Perry was really helpful with the upgrades I chose for it. It comes with OM 10 phono pickup. I upgraded to Ortofon 2M Black. I have the 2M Bronze on my previous table and is a fine phono pickup but I recommend the Black for this table. It’s a Jaw Dropper. Very dynamic and detailed. Be for-warned that it will reveal the quality of vinyl pressing. The Mag Lev is the perfect table for it. It is completely silent running once the platter is floating and rotating at set speed. 

No motor noise. No bearing noise. No mechanical drive system to generate noise. I’m afraid my other fine tables will have to take a back seat. My friends were blown away seeing and hearing this table perform its magic. Thank you Perry for making this happen :) Perry is very knowledgeable and is a design engineer in electronic technology and is no nonsense strait shooter. I will definitely be turning to him for my next upgrade to drive my Vandersteen 2C speakers that have served me well and still amaze me with presentation of the sound stage and imaging and detail. Close your eyes and the speakers disappear. They are so musical. I’ve been to many live performances. They do an amazing job of recreating that with only a pair of tower speakers and a powered sub. 

Perry is the best. Good sense of humour too. Lol. I strongly recommend him..... 

Amphion Argon 1 white Mint condition out with old and in with new sale take advantage today
From: Jackson5452 in Apr 08, 2019

This feedback is for the Roon Nucleus I purchased from Perry this last week. Really appreciated Perry’s familiarity with the issues for a media servicer/streamer/renderer. Based on Perry’s recommendation, I got the Nucleus as an upgrade to my SSD Sony i7 laptop running Fidelizer & JPLAY Femto on Windows 10. Roon is completely new and foreign to me. Perry answered my questions promptly, even afterhours, and it was a relief that he helped with the subscription process - one less task for me as I struggled once or twice to get the unit set up. Really happy with Roon and the Nucleus and Perry’s non-pushy, no gimmick approach. 

Amphion Argon 1 white Mint condition out with old and in with new sale take advantage today
From: mblemieux in Mar 25, 2019

I am a listener first and foremost - not technically oriented at all. As such, I found myself seeking counsel during each step of the information gathering and purchasing process. This seller understood my needs from the start - counseling me in only the components I should trade-up and not those that were still considered fine. In the end after much discussion and exchange - he recommended 2 of 3 components from suppliers I had never even heard of - Legacy (Powerbloc2) Power Amp , Metrum (Amethyst) DAC, and Bluesound (Nodei2) Streamer. I'm very happy with each of these recommended purchases as they perfectly integrate into the rest of my system, and right on budget as well. I will definitely use this seller again soon. 

B&W Model 800 D3 As new condition for sale own your forever speakers today at a fraction of MSRP
From: mghobart in Mar 23, 2019

I recently purchase B&W800D3 speakers from Perryst hifishopdirect. The speakers arrived in perfect condition as indicated by Perry. The transaction and shipping were seem less. 

Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would recommend Perry and hifishopdirect without reservation