Zero Loss Upgrade Policy

HIFISHOP directs wants you to know that we have your needs and your back. How, well we have come up with this idea of making your life easier with the ZERO loss upgrade policy.

With this policy, you will never lose a penny on your purchase and have the ability to upgrade it accordingly during a year of use.


  1. The product must be upgraded to a similar product of no less than 50% more based on MSRP.
  2. The price is net meaning that we are not including taxes or shipping and handling.
  3. The timeline is 1 year from the time of purchase of your unit.
  4. The model your upgrading is still current. Or in demand.
  5. The return policy is the same as our return policy (see left) 



You purchase an integrated amp for 2000.00 

You decide that you want an upgrade

You can upgrade for any power or preamp or processor at a minimum of 50% for a total of 3000.00 all you have to do is return the item you purchased and pay us the 1000.00 difference plus taxes and shipping.