AxiomAir Transformer

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The AxiomAir Transformer simply plugs into a free input on your stereo or home theater system, adding full wireless connectivity controlled from the AxiomAir App. The small form-factor module has Optical and Analog inputs as well as full WiFi and Bluetooth streaming capability. Control everything from the AxiomAir App or change inputs and adjust volume from the front panel. Transform your listening system!


The Transformer includes several options for playback:

  • Analog Input - connect your record player, laptop, or even your phone
  • Optical Input - connect a TV
  • USB Input - play songs from a USB drive, or enable bluetooth

The compact AxiomAir Transformer can sit sideways on a shelf, or you can stand it upright - both stand options are included.

The Transformer is more than meets the eye: it can also plug directly into any of our ADA series amplifiers to become your pre-amp and the control center of your system. In addition to being able to wirelessly stream your favorite music and videos, you also have the ability to transfer your High-Resolution songs to a USB drive, plug it directly into your Transformer, and create custom playlists in the AxiomAir App. Play everything in the highest resolution right up to 24/192!