EP500 Wireless Subwoofer

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he wireless EP500 subwoofer has a built in receiver module to receive the signal from any Axiom wireless transmitter. No speaker wires to run or subwoofer cables to connect – just plug it in to one of your existing electrical outlets. If you do not have an existing Axiom wireless transmitter you can add it by clicking on Customize Yours and selecting it in the options.

Featuring XLF (Extended Low Frequency) Intelligent DSP Technology

The EP500 uses intelligent DSP to make everything perfect. The EP500 has a perfectly linear response down to 18Hz. This gives you bass realism like you have never experienced before. The intelligent DSP also means your EP500 plays really loud without ever having to worry about unwanted pops and noises coming from your subwoofer. If you've been longing for the kind of seat-rumbling experience you get in a good movie theater, you'll get it with the EP500. Bring on War of the Worlds!