EP600 Wireless Subwoofer

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The wireless EP600 subwoofer has a built in receiver module to receive the signal from any Axiom wireless transmitter. No speaker wires to run or subwoofer cables to connect – just plug it in to one of your existing electrical outlets. If you do not have an existing Axiom wireless transmitter you can add it by clicking on Customize Yours and selecting it in the options.



The Smoothest. The Intelligent DSP wants things to go smoothly all the time - no bumps in the road. Using a digital roadmap, the special algorithm controls every frequency from 16 Hz to 150 Hz, never deviating more than 1.5 dB through this entire range. With the EP600 you won't get 'bass boom' - you'll get clean, powerful bass that mines the depths of human hearing.

The Cleanest Loudest Bass. Don't worry about distortion - the Intelligent DSP won't allow it. Instead, it tightly controls the signals to the 600-watt power amplifier and massive 12-inch aluminum driver and its dual 3-inch voice coil to provide you with peak performance, never going over the edge into distortion. Crank it up - XLF makes the EP600 unbreakable!