Helium 410

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Helium410 desktop speakers work equally well either for “nearfield” music listening on your desk or watching your favourite television shows or movies on the large screen in the living room. They can vary from emotionally immersive nearfields paired with your computer, to a room-filling sound system providing a wide and even listening area when watching TV and films. Even working in a simple 2-channel home audio setup, Helium410 loudspeakers deliver a surprisingly audible 3-dimensional soundstage and correct placement of voices.


The natural clear sound provided by Helium410 desktop loudspeakers remains balanced and pristine even at whisper-like listening levels. This makes the speakers ideal for late night movie watching or enjoyable background music listening, while still keeping the emotional impact of the film soundtrack or your favourite music. Despite being small, Helium410 loudspeakers sound full-bodied and work nicely without a subwoofer. Their clear, natural voice band is pure joy even when music is played via modern streaming services such as Spotify.

Operating principle
Two-way, vented

1″ titanium tweeter
4½” paper woofer

4 kg (9 lbs)

Crossover point
1600 Hz

86 dB

Frequency response
52 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

Power recommendation
20 – 80 W