Helium 510

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The signature Amphion waveguide integrates the drivers and provides a wide and evenly balanced listening field. In this way, the listening “sweet spot” is not selfishly located in a single point but widely spread so that you can enjoy your music even while moving around the room. A natural-sounding cohesive voice-band, and an extremely high level of speech clarity – even at very low listening levels – makes Helium510 a perfect partner for TV or background music.

Helium510 bookshelf loudspeakers deliver an unprecedented level of upper-midrange|treble refinement. They provide resolution and linearity that exceed what is common at this price-point in home audio loudspeakers. The extent of sound clarity and emotional enjoyment Helium510 speakers draw from even to a simple stereo system to home theater setup is second-to-none.

Operating principle
Two-way, vented

1″ titanium tweeter
5¼” paper woofer

7 kg (15 lbs)

Crossover point
1600 Hz

86 dB

Frequency response
48 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

Power recommendation
20 – 100 W