Krypton 3

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Three-way design configuration with two midranges (or two mid-woofers) in a cardioid enclosure placed vertically above-and-below the tweeter, operating in parallel for a three-way crossover.

Highly innovative cardioid midrange allows Krypton3 to perform well in small rooms, close to big windows, and under other acoustic irregularities that other traditional speakers cannot cope with.

Incorporates U/D/D – Uniformly Directive Diffusion – technology to help speakers keep their clarity and naturalness, and reduce unwanted sound reflections from both side and back walls.

Side-mounted woofers (in a vented enclosure) so speakers can be positioned with the woofers facing either inside (for a standard room placement) or outside (for a broader soundstage).

Operating principle
Three-way, vented

1″ titanium (integrator) tweeter
2 x 8” paper-papyrus midrange
10″ aluminium woofer

72 kg (159 lbs)

Crossover points
160 Hz / 1600 Hz

89 dB

Frequency response
21 – 25.000 Hz -3dB

Power recommendation
100 – 300 W