M100 Powered Wireless Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

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Axiom's flagship floorstanding speaker is designed for the audiophile who wants it all. This speaker shows off the best of what over 30 years of audio research has proven - you will be blown away by the clarity, detail, powerful bass, and stunning dynamics this speaker will add to your listening experience. It has unprecedented tonal range, all in perfect balance: from deep low powerful bass, clear open midrange, and extended nuanced treble. You'll hear the click of the castanets, the tinkle of the triangle, and the soul-stirring reverberations of the big bass drums.

Triple woofers, dual midranges, and twin tweeters - hear it all! That's 7 drivers in each M100 floorstanding speaker - 14 in a pair - for spectacular dynamic power and deep extended powerful bass, all driven by its internal 600 watt amplifier. From the tight snap of a bass drum to the shimmer of brushed cymbals, the accuracy of this speaker will astound you. The M100 transforms musical recordings into live performances in your living room, and brings definitive realism to home theater.