M700 Amplifier

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Enjoy an unheard of level of control and command from your loudspeakers with the Stellar M700, one of the most extraordinary under $5,000 power amplifier pair ever crafted. With its mighty 700 watt engine connected to any sized loudspeaker, the M700 monoblocks deliver extraordinarily effortless linear headroom that seems to go on forever. Dynamics like you’ve rarely experienced before. Slam, control, toe-tapping pacing, and music’s subterranean depths are effortlessly delivered to any loudspeaker from the most efficient to the most demanding. Revel in rich layers of fine, full detail you might have been missing before Stellar. Marvel at the deep, extraordinary, wall-to-wall soundstage. Control your loudspeakers as never before. Effortless. Lush. Stellar.