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A speaker that concentrates the technology and know-how of the top models of the Opera range.
The Malibran model is the first speaker designed by Opera and marketed under the Unison brand: a passive loudspeaker of the highest quality and acceptable size for domestic environments, with unique qualities at the limits of the holographic reconstruction of the sound event.


  • Type: floor - TEB finishes: cherry and leather
  • Speakers: three 10 "woofers with aluminum cone, 
    four 5" midrage, magnesium cone, 
    a 1 "front tweeter with silk dome, 
    CLD decompression chamber for rear radiation (four tweeters)
  • Number of ways: 3 + rear CLD
  • Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
  • Cross-over: 12 dB / octave for the woofer, 12 dB with progressive low pass for the midrange, 12 dB / octave high pitch for the tweeter
  • Cross-over frequencies: 160-200 and 2000 Hz
  • Maximum power (long-term): 750 watts RMS (IEC signal)
  • Maximum power (music): Crest factor> 14: no practical limit, Crest factor> 4: 1500 watts. (no clipping)
  • Suggested Amplifier: 10-15 Watts RMS (no clipping)
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB / 2.83 Volt / 1 meter
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm (Zmin> 3.2 ohm)
  • Positioning in the room: at least 30 cm from the rear wall (avoiding angular positioning)