Point Stonewashed

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Solid & soft pouf.

Someone say 100% cotton? Yes please! The Point Stonewashed looks like an authentic pouffe, but looks can be deceiving as quintessential functionality is what it is all about.

Multifunctional and imaginative, that's the Point Stonewashed. A small soft pouf with the power to adapt. From side table to seat, this cotton pouf combines the sturdy design of the Point with the softness of the Original Stonewashed bean bag. It's totally on point for any interior.

Please note that the stonewashed makes each cover unique and the colour may differ from the product image.


  • 20 x 14 in / 36 x 51 cm
  • 4 lbs / 1.85 kg
  • Cover 100% cotton
  • Filled with polystyrene
  • Indoor