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Fabric & Colors

Our acoustic panels are made out of low density acoustic fabric, which allows sound to pass through to the absorbing material. The fabric is available in multiple colors, ordering of custom color tones is also possible.

Custom Print

Any computer graphic or photo can be printed on the acoustic panel to further personalize it. Upon order, we will contact you by e-mail to confirm the print.


Mounting acoustic panels with spacers is proven to increase sound absorption efficiency by up to 18%. We advise you to use spacers in studios and any other areas which are big enough to accomodate such an arrangement.

Side Perforation

Side perforation provides additional absorption at each side of the panel and increases absorption surface by up to 16%.

Custom Dimensions

Living rooms, production studios, recording studios, radio studios, booths, halls, conference rooms, showrooms, waiting rooms, home cinemas, clubs, restaurants, bars...