Signature Rendu SE

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Introducing the Signature Rendu SE, the absolute finest streaming USB source we have made. The Signature Rendu SE is the natural evolution of Sonore’s ultraRendu and Sonore’s acclaimed Signature Power Supply.

The Signature Rendu SE takes fiber optic Ethernet input or cable ethernet input and renders it to a perfect, ultra-low noise USB feed to one’s USB DAC. While the opticalRendu is a revolutionary product, the Signature Rendu SE takes off from the opticalRendu concept, improving on it by refinement and attention to every detail.  The SE takes advantage of single chassis design, allowing close coupling of the power supply and processing board for the ultimate in ultra-low impedance and ultra-low noise power delivery. The SE processing board uses a large footprint to allow for eleven (11) independent low noise voltage regulation stages, and better physical separation of the Ethernet processing and USB output sections, further reducing noise and crosstalk. Two ultra-low phase noise (so-called “femto”) oscillator are used to govern all processing and USB audio output.