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Take an example from the older ones, to acquire experiences and skills.

Simply Italy was born in the wake of Simply Two, one of the most successful small tube integrated amplifiers in the world. The new integrated amplifier, thanks to an efficient engineering, guarantees a better sound quality and a significant reduction in production costs.


  • Type: Stereo Integrated Amplifier
  • Valves: 2 x EL34, 2 x ECC82
  • Operating class: A pure
  • Output stage: ultra linear single-ended
  • Output power: about 12W
  • Feedback: 2 levels selectable
  • Output Impedances: 6 ohms for 4 to 8 ohms speakers
  • Inputs: 4 line, 1 tape
  • Input impedances: 47 Kohm
  • Releases: 1 tape
  • Power consumption: 85 W max
  • Dimensions: 2600mm, 350mm, 190mm
  • Weight: 15Kg