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The new SUB THREE builds on the years of technology featured in the 2WQ but with increased performance with a power factor correct switch mode power supply to a more powerful 325-watt internal amplifier and an upgrade from stamped steel to cast aluminum baskets on the three 8-inch drivers. For the first time at this price, the SUB THREE also incorporates one of Vandersteen's most innovative and enduring technologies- 11-band room EQ for perfect bass in virtually any room. This technology originated with Vandersteen's Model 5 and today is employed in the flagship Model Seven Mk II ($62k/pr.) and reference SUB NINE powered subwoofers ($19,900/pr.). Over time this crucial technology has been employed in Vandersteen's powered 5A and Model 5A Carbon ($31,300/pr.), but before the SUB THREE, the least expensive path to Vandersteen room EQ is the Quatro Wood CT at $14,600/pr. Vandersteen's legendary powered-bass with room EQ is now more accessible than ever.