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This little beast of a bass driver is capable of 16 mm linear excursion. You have to hear to believe how much punchy bass it can generate from a 2.8 L volume.

Custom-made spring suspension effectively isolates W5 from your desktop, improving midrange lucidity, airiness and distortion figures.

Walk around the speakers and you still get it all: Our miniature ambient tweeter features an excellent off-axis response.

For this reason, the W5 has an excellent polar diagram – which is crucial for breathtaking sound staging capabilities.

Premium class WBT Next Gen binding posts.

Sensitivity: 83-86 dB / watt / m depending on frequency

Nom. impedance: 4 ohms

Weight: 3.5 kg / piece (speaker only)

SE Version

  • 16-cm spiral resonator installed at widebander and bass driver
  • Mundorf Silver-Gold-Oil capacitor for widebander, added Duelund Tinned Copper Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitor